Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So have you discovered Pinterest yet?

Oh, my! The inspiration you can find there. Anything from home decor, food recipes, party ideas, inexpensive DIY ideas, and TONS of scrapbooking and card inspirations!!

Pinterest is a great way to showcase your own work and likes as well.

I love spending time finding out how I can get the expensive looks of high-end decor at a fraction of the price (if I do the work myself). I love seeing wonderful scrapbook layouts at a quick glance. I love pinning recipes for the crock pot or fun kid-friendly meals.

Pinterest is become a fast growing forum for stamping inspiration.
And with that growth can come the problems of copyright infringement. :-(

When pinning a stamp image to Pinterest (or anywhere on the web), please make sure that the image is watermarked or is part of a finished project.
Pinning a non-watermarked image CAN be a violation of that Stamp Company's TOU.
Therefore, please protect the rights of stamp artists and company and DO NOT pin a non-watermarked stamp image to the web!!

Here at Stamp and Create, we carry a wide range of stamp products. Therefore we support stamp artists and want to help promote their products while still protecting their copyrights!!

Please feel free to pin this and help us support the stamping community!! :-)

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  1. Yes I love pin interest and allow others on my, blog to pin or follow its awesome
    Hugs tammy


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